We're looking to hire California-licensed Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners and therapists!

Our Promise

As business owners, we will strive to attract competent and experienced practitioners, pay them their worth, and offer growth via continuing education opportunities and clinical consultation. We will not let desire for profits stand in the way of quality. Advanced Psychiatric Wellness strives to build and retain a superb and competent workforce that is trusted by the patients we serve and their associated military treatment facility providers, as well as by the referral source of Health Net/Tricare and our other insurance partners.

We encourage Veterans and military-affiliated mental health providers to apply. However, we welcome a diverse range of applicants, experiences, treatment modalities, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions from potential employees

What are the necessary qualifications to apply as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner?

To apply as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP), you must have a California NP and NP Furnishing license, and by default, board-certification as a PMHNP-BC (no family NPs or PAs).  You must have your DEA for California, schedule II, and you must have BLS.  Prefer Experience, but will hire the right new grad as well.  It is preferred that you have collaborating/supervising physician arranged, but if not, we can help resolve.  

All candidates should be eligible for credentialing with our selected insurances, and start date would follow approved credentialing with at least one insurance company.

What are the necessary qualifications to apply as a therapist?

For therapists, you must be independently licensed in California as an LCSW or an LMFT.

We would love to have some therapists proficient in Prolonged Exposure Therapy, EMDR, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and, of course, CBT.

All candidates should be eligible for credentialing with our selected insurances, and start date would follow approved credentialing with at least one insurance company. 

What are the necessary qualifications for me to apply as administrative assistant?

-Knowledge and adherence to HIPAA laws
-Ability to treat clients and other key stakeholders with dignity and respect
-Ability to consistently portray professional image for our company
-Ability to communicate effectively via phone, video teleconferencing, in person, or via email, other communication modes
-Ability to quickly learn scheduling and billing
-Ability to make phone calls and facilitate communication with pharmacies, insurance companies for pre-authorizations, billing disputes, etc.
-Ability to deescalate conflicts, elevate concerns to management, manage basic customer concerns
-Traits of quick learner with initiative and appropriate level of enthusiasm for the job desired

What is expected of me as an employee?

-To understand and embody the mission, vision and values of Advanced Psychiatric Wellness, A Nursing Corporation
-To exceed clinical standards of care, delivering safe, ethical, evidence-based treatment to our clients, collaborating as needed with other members of the treatment team
-To communicate effectively and be a good team player
-To follow our clinic's policies and procedures
-To maintain and adequate case load and complete documentation within three business days
-To participate in our staff meetings and clinical quality efforts
-To continue professional growth and development activities
-To maintain balance and self-care

What are the benefits?  Can I work from home? Do you pay for CEUs? How much paid time off for vacation or sick leave do I get?

Each person is unique with their own priorities and needs. Some may already have health insurance through their spouse's plan or as a Veteran. Some may need a lot of flexibility in their scheduling due to life circumstances.  We want to work with you to see what matters most to you and offer you a customized benefits package including the following:

- Competitive hourly wage or competitive salary
-Customized paid time off plan
-Option for customized benefits plan
-Flexible hours - not confined to specific office hours, can flex to evenings or weekends to meet expected workload, if need off for an afternoon during the week or can condense workload into 4 days instead of 5 if desired
-Part-time options available as well
-Some work-from-home options available- hybrid minimum 20% in office for face-to-face but can work 100% in office face-to-face

How do I apply?

Send your resume/CV and letter of interest to [email protected].