Advanced Psychiatric Wellness, A Nursing Corporation is offering telehealth services (also known as virtual health) by telephone or secure online video conference. This will be available to patients located within California and Washington, the states in which our PMHNP is licensed to practice. Telehealth is conducted and documented in a confidential manner according to applicable laws in similar ways as in-person services.

Risks include:

• Session disruption or delay or communication distortion 
• Increased likelihood of misunderstanding 
• Limits to confidentiality in the event you choose to receive services in settings where others might overhear.
• Rare cases in which security protocols could fail.

We work to reduce these risks by:

• Utilizing secure videoconferencing software which is HIPPA compliant and suitable to the exchange of personal health information.
• Ensuring end-to-end encryption of the videoconference.
• Not recording, and asking that you will not record, the videoconference.
• Receiving the appropriate training to make use of the videoconferencing software and engage in virtual health.
• Conducting, and asking that you conduct, telehealth only from a private location where you will not be overheard or interrupted (no driving during telehealth sessions).
• Asking you to use your own computer or device on a secure internet connection that is not publicly accessible, rather than on public or free Wi-Fi.
• Asking that you ensure your computer or device has updated and operating anti-virus software.
• Asking that you provide your location, information for at least one nearby emergency contact, and the name of the emergency room closest to your location.